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Linking everyday consumerism to grave environmental concerns


Our core vision is to reconnect individuals to the ecological networks of which they are part and develop positive and attractive alternatives to consumerism. We believe that a sustainable future can be achieved by promoting sustainable solutions, advocating new concepts of wealth and prosperity and rethinking habits into action through leadership, education and changed lifestyles.

Acorn Leaf

Raw Foundation is guided by six core values:

Realisation of the gaps between our vision and our reality

Reconnection to the natural environment and the ecological networks of which we are part

Respect and values based on a deep approach that all life on earth has intrinsic value

Relationships systems thinking, information sharing and networking

Reflection attending to the inner and outer place from which we operate

Resilience whilst reorganising and undergoing change

These also include:


intERgenerational and intRAgenerational equity is core to our work;


our workgroup is open to individuals exploring the values of sustainability no matter what their background;


starting in our own back yard, we champion the sound stewardship of natural resources amongst our members in our operations (zero waste, locally sourced goods, etc.);


we believe that effective change-making occurs only in honest, open and respectful collaboration with partners.